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In June, 1972, Professor Nariyoshi Yamaguchi became the first chair of the Department of Neuropsychiatry. The first temporary location was at Asanogawa Hospital. In September, 1974, when Kanazawa Medical University Hospital was founded, the department’s clinical practice started. In those days, the hospital had no closed wards and patients were admitted to the internal medical wards. In April 1976, new wards for the Department of Neuropsychiatry were established, including a closed ward. In April 2009, the Department moved to the present location, which is the 3rd floor of the annex building, with 36 beds). The needs for psychiatrists as Brain Mind Specialists (mental health professionals) has been increasing rapidly. As such, psychiatrists must examine the organic and functional mental disorders from the view point of neuroscience and human science, and diagnose and treat patients scientifically and objectively. Also, psychiatrists are expected to treat somatopsychic diseases, provide psychiatric emergency services and deal with cases of forensic psychiatry. It is our mission to develop clinical psychiatrists who can deal with all types of psychiatric problems, and we hope to produce leaders who can teach and train young doctors with their expertise and experience.

Contact Information

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Professor and Chair

  • KAWASAKI Yasuhiro 神経精神医学4川崎

Associate Professor

  • UEHARA Takashi

Senior Assistant Professor

  • WATANABE Kenichiro
  • NAGASAWA Tatsuya
  • KITAMOTO Fukumi

Senior Assistant Professor

  • OHI Kazutaka

Assistant Professor

  • NITTA Yusuke
  • SHIMADA Takamitsu
  • KIHARA Hiroaki
  • OKUBO Hiroaki
  • OSHIMA Kazuaki
  • YASUYAMA Toshiki

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • K.Ohi,Y.Kataoka,T.Shimada,A.Kuwata,H.Okubo,K.Kimura,T.Yasuyama,T.Uehara,Y.Kawasaki:Genome-wide variants shared between smoking quantity and schizophrenia on 15q25 are associated with CHRNA5 expression in the brain. Schizophr Bull.,2018
  • T.Shimada, K.Ohi, T.Yasuyama, T.Uehara, Y.Kawasaki:Cerebellar activation during a motor task in conversion disorder with motor paralysis: A case report and fMRI study. Neuropsychopharmacology Reports,2017
  • T.Yasuyama, K.Ohi, T.Shimada, T.Uehara, Y.Kawasaki:Differences in social functioning among patients with major psychiatric disorders: Interpersonal communication is impaired in patients with schizophrenia and correlates with an increase in schizotypal traits. Psychiatry research,2017
  • S.Yoneyama,Y.Makita,K.Miyazu,K.Katsukawa,E.Yoneyama,S.Masuda,Y.Nakajima,Y.Kawasaki and K.Miyazu: The Role of Family Variables in the Length of Stay of Psychiatric In-patients. Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Health,2016
  • T.Uehara, T.Sumiyoshi, M.Kurachi: New pharmacotherapy targeting cognitive dysfunction of schizophrenia via modulation of GABA neuronal function.
    Current Neuropharmacology,2015

External Research Funding

  • K.Ohi KAKENHI,Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists(B)
    「A comprehensive intermediate phenotypes analysis in unaffected siblings of schizophrenia」2016
  • Y.Kawasaki MEXT-Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities.
    「Creation of the life innovation in graying remote rural areas.」2016
  • Y.Kawasaki Health and Labour Science Research Grants for Comprehensive Research on Persons with Disabilities.
    「Early intervention for people with mental disorders and establishing its system in Japan.」
  • Y.Mathuda  The 4th Sugiura grant for development of community medicine
    「Dementia screaning test and construction of comprehensive critical path of comunities, medical practises, and goverments.」
  • T.Uehara grants from the Smoking Research Foundation
    「Effect of nicotine on cognitive function and brain energy metabolism」2015